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Welcome to Stellar Resources, Inc.

Welcome, parents, school administrators, professional child-care workers, and law enforcement agencies.

Stellar Resources, Inc., is focused on providing techniques used by sexual abusers to entice child victims, the types of victims sexual abusers often select, signs which may alert parents to abuse in their own children, the lifelong effects of sexual abuse on the victims, and abuse-prevention methods.

Saving Children from Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abusers are skilled in persuasionOur children need to develop and improve their innate warning systems. We must teach them to rely upon these alerts and to seek immediate help. Prevention skills must be taught and fostered. The code of silence must be broken. Hopefully, through a school - parent partnership for child safety, our children will learn prevention skills through knowledge of the abuser's grooming process.

On this web site you will find publications and workshops about:

  • How to keep children safe from sexual abuse

  • The effects of child sexual abuse

  • Signs of child sexual abuse

  • How sexual abusers attract their victims

  • and more...

Parents as Teachers - Preventing Child Sexual AbuseStellar Resources, Inc. is committed to assisting parents, as the first teachers of their children, and educators in making school, home, and neighborhoods safer environments for our children.

Contact us to find out how we can help keep your children safe from sexual abuse.

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