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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse


 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Curriculum
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: A Parent's Guide 


A Parents Guide: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Curriculum: Grades k-12

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Ms. Lentz provides national workshops on child sexual abuse prevention, including staff / teacher training and "train-the-trainer" workshops. She also presents child abuse prevention programs for parents / guardians in the prevention, detection and reporting.

Workshops for Schools and School Districts

In addition to child abuse prevention, Ms. Lentz provides workshops in areas including but not limited to:

  • Search and Seizure in the School Setting

  • The legal aspects of Evaluation and Supervision

  • Negligence and Liability Concerns for School Administrators and Teachers

  • School Handbooks, Legal Issues and Litigation

  • Bullying and Aggressive Behavior: Stopping and Preventing

  • School Violence Prevention

  • The Hiring and Firing Process: Avoiding Litigation

  • Peer Sexual Harassment: Identify, Stop and Prevent

  • Legal Differences: The Public and Private Sector Schools

Workshops and Seminars for Parents

Dad talking with children about prevention Parents, guardians and extended families require the appropriate materials, skills and training for the effective prevention of child abuse.  Schools alone cannot protect children from sexual abuse, bullying and other forms of aggression.  The Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: A Parent's Guide is an excellent resource to use with parent/guardian workshops and seminars.

The following topics are just a few of the issues focused upon the the workshops/seminars:

  • How parents and schools form partnerships to keep children safe
  • Why bullying prevention is important - as victims, victimizers, or bystanders
  • The need for early intervention with children with aggressive behavior
  • The life-long and/or long-lasting effects of abuse on victims

       Ms Lentz combines her experience as a public school teacher with her legal knowledge and experience as a criminal prosecutor and her expertise in both public and private school law to educate administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, and parents, as well as police officers assigned as School Resource Officers in the school environment,  to prevent violence and abuse.  Every child not only has the right to be safe, but to feel safe.

For more information concerning these workshops, contact Mary A. Lentz.

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